Kindness Observed

They are all around us. Listen in as we attempt 'angelonize' the other. Listen as we observe the kindness of others to the people around them.

Ep 8 - Go Gaga

How many times in one’s life can a person be on the same page at the same time as Lady Gaga?  For me that question has an easy answer.  Probably, never.

Listen as I observe Lady Gaga doubling down on kindness with Jimmy Fallon.


Ep 7 The Kindly Cashier

The kindly cashier.  Many times, being kind is just listening and saying just the right thing.  It doesn’t to be anything profound, just something that shows you are listening.  The cashier at the grocery store has become the only people some people get to speak to during this time of isolation.   They have become something akin to a therapist or bar tender.


Ep6 - Healthcare Heroes

This episode is about the those battling in the trenches.  Those that are risking their lives to save the lives of those infected with this virus.   Infections that can be slowed down by limiting our contact with others and taking the recommended precautions of washing hands and spreading germs by social distancing.



Ep 5 Essential Workers 1

The first of what will be several addressing the kindness of or to the essential workers that must still work onsite for the benefit of the rest of us. 

This episode involves Shirley who discovered the kindness of worker at BJ's that goes above and beyond her role and becomes a level to which we all should be grateful of aspire to emulate.


Ep4 Hoarding Kindess

"Let's make kindness more contagious than Covid-19". Mayor Jane Castor - Tampa, Florida

Also, hear Ricks stories of kindness. 


Ep3 - A Bridge Too Far

In episode 2 we talked about the battlefield that is the grocery store.  This episode is similar.  It is a bridge too far.  A reach for many.  A stretch of the norms that have become our communication methods. The telephone!!


Ep2 - In the Grocery Store

Listen to those around you. They may be in need or be able to help.


Episode One - Intro and First story

Welcome to the first episode. First Story is of a couple flying north for the summer and donating their pantry good to their neighbors. Thank You!!!


art is in the artist not the brush. Michael Stark

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